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Homeowner adjusting smart thermostat
September 08, 2023

Can A Smart Home Save Energy In Fort Worth?

As a smart homeowner, you’re constantly trying to find ways to trim utility expenses and lessen your energy use. Have you given thought to implementing home automation in a new security system? Smart homes are more than just a gimmicky tool to turn lights off and on. Actually, a smart home can help you save energy in Fort Worth. Keep reading to see how.

How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Save Energy In Fort Worth

Do you keep your property at 70 degrees whether you’re home or at work? Do you often go downstairs in the morning to see lights still on? A smart home can allow you to eliminate circumstances like this that burn energy and cost you money. The answer is in the wireless access, control, and programming capabilities found in smart devices like lights and thermostats.

Take Advantage Of Online Access, Scenes, And Schedules

You probably know how high electrical and gas costs can become. You now have an opportunity to utilize your home more sensibly. Here are a few ways you will save.

  • Online access and control: You departed on a week-long excursion but forgot to update your thermostat or turn off the lights. No problem. By engaging the simple security app on your smartphone, you may adjust the comfort levels and switch off smart lights. Additionally, you can revert the temperature back to where you want it before returning.

  • Put your components on a schedule: If nobody is home during the day, is there a need to run your furnace or A/C at full force? Instead, set your smart thermostat to lower temps in the morning and evening when loved ones are home and a higher setting during the day to reduce your energy usage. You’ll never have to tweak anything as your thermostat will change settings by itself. You are able to use the same approach with smart lights. There’s a worthwhile safety bonus, too, as you can schedule your lighting to brighten at different times, giving the impression you’re inside when you aren’t.

  • Create a scene: Were you aware you can make personalized scenes? You can set them for certain circumstances, like when you’re [[at home|home], at the office, or on vacation. This lets you incorporate components like your lights, thermostat, and locks. For example, a bedtime scene may automatically switch off lights, lock your front door, and adjust your comfort levels. Using scenes for when you’re not in the house can significantly bring down energy consumption.

  • Geofencing: Another beneficial, energy-efficient way to use automated devices is via geofencing. When utilizing this technology, your system can figure out your whereabouts according to your phone's location. When you leave in the morning, your smart thermostat can change temps automatically. Also, they can be changed back to your normal levels when you arrive home.

Automation provides more than money savings. It can also boost your safety. For example, you can have your front door lock on its own at specified times or engage it yourself through your smartphone. You can even activate your alarm from anywhere for greater peace of mind.

Design Your Fort Worth Energy-Efficient Smart Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Reduce your energy consumption in Fort Worth and save money on utility costs with an energy-efficient smart home from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our modern home security systems give you all the necessary tools, like remote operation and scheduling. Call (817) 415-2313 to order your new system today.